Pokok Kelapa Melayu
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Top 10 Must Try!
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Pokok Kelapa Melayu
All too soon we’ve come to the end of this year’s biggest event celebrating our nation’s gastronomic love affair!

In a national celebration of our culinary heritage and culture at the Pokok Kelapa Melayu, we look back with great pleasure at the many makan classes, lunches, dinners, workshops and culinary competitions that could only have been made possible by the shared passions and commitment from all our festival partners, and importantly patrons like yourself who helped bring it all to life.

Your feedback and sugguestion are of great important to us make Pokok Kelapa Melayu much more successful meaningful.

As one of the best foods at our resturant, we forward to having to joint with us in our resturant.

Till then, we anticipate with eager palates!

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