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    肉骨茶采用多种中药材精心制成,具有补血、暖脾胃、解毒消炎等功效;  Nasl Lemak(椰浆饭)、咖喱鸡、咖喱鱼头等均采用新鲜椰浆,有着浓郁的椰香味。

   We invite you to experience the flavors of authentic Southeast Asian cuisines offered at Pokok Kelapa Melayu Restaurant. Our chefs have come from Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of Asia. They have brought with them their culinary skills, years of experience, and their local cooking styles.
      We import our ingredients from all parts of South East Asia which must first be approved by ours chefs. This ensures all our dishes retain their original flavorful taste.
      Try our Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) or our special Curry Chicken! Or, sample our other refreshing drinks made from fresh coconut cream milk. After a rich hearty meal, may we suggest delicious dessert menu made from specially imported fruits. We carefully select our fruits for their soft texture, beauty, and sweet taste.
      Regardless of your selection, you will notice right away a unique blend of ingredients and tastes that’s simply not found anywhere else in China.
Feel like you’ve just left China and entered a brand new world! Our rich decor and carefully selected colors and tones will instantly transport you to the country of Singapore. We hope you enjoy our authentic aura and stylish environment. Our staff is here to serve you!


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